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Complete real time integration

Complete real time integration

With a dynamic pooled inventory system, your entire availability is constantly updated and distributed to all of your chosen channels. As soon as a booking is made, via any channel, your own hotel website or even a walk-in, this data is instantaneously relayed to your channels, automatically updating your room availability allowing you to sell to the last room with confidence without overbooking.

Complete real time integration

General availability V's specific allocation

The availability functions allows a mix of general availability to the bulk of your channels and specific allocation or even exclusive inventory to individual and preferred channels, whilst further allowing a ‘stop sell’ function by sub-room type, date or channel, giving complete control over your room stock and yield control.

Complete real time integration

Allow parity or channel specific pricing

Through bulk update wizards, simply set up, monitor and change your room pricing for a complete year ahead, automatically converting the gross Web rate to net rates for wholesale clients, allowing you to simply achieve Nett and Gross rate parity across your channels. However, where you wish you can give a specific channel an incentive discount, all within a couple of clicks.

Channel Manager Features & Benefits

Changing room prices across all your channels only takes seconds to implement and upload

Changing room prices for a limited period to encourage increased bookings or even the whole season takes a few moments to achieve

Simply compare net receivable room income across your channels

Using our proprietary Web rate to Net rate conversion algorithm simply compare the net net receivable income from each channel, to help you increase yield and where applicable channel allocation

Seamlessly linked bookings direct to your Frontdesk

All bookings are sent direct to your frontdesk to await room allotment

“Onlinehotelpro has made things so much simpler. The amount of time I save allows me to invest in my guests and their experience.”

“I love the way I can manage all my guests and rooms with few clicks.”

“It is a genial way to organize all my properties in one place.”

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