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PMS Features & Benefits

Full interactive Frontdesk calendar

A well thought out and clearly displayed Frontdesk calendar, detailing room occupancy and dates whilst both clearly displaying and providing easy access to critical functionalities, from booking details to rooms ready for check-in, late check-outs to alerts for rooms not paid, all in one easy visual page and at the tip of your fingers

Daily tasks & Summary lists

Key daily tasks and action lists are created into summary lists, for print out, with such tasks as room maintenance requirements to credit card activities

Bookings integration from any source

Bookings are automatically delivered straight into your Frontdesk calendar from the channel manager and booking engine, ready for allotment

User friendly interface

Front of house, telephone or other bookings can be easily created ‘on the fly’ and the inventory is automatically updated on all your channels. Existing bookings are easily moved from room to room if changes are required

Search and sort function

A detailed list of all bookings with a sophisticated search and sort function enables a variety of daily tasks to be completed quickly and efficiently, as well as offering a wealth of analytical opportunities

Housekeeping status

Key housekeeping tasks are displayed on the Frontdesk calendar and can be printed out so that cleaning rota’s, maintenance schedules and other tasks can be organised

Invoicing system

A comprehensive invoicing system has been developed to track all room booking incomes and any extras for easy invoicing at the end of stay and to keep track of payments due from bedbanks and wholesalers.

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